• 1. Tell us what kind of job are you looking for
  • 2. We find it for you
  • 3. We start to work together

Why choose us?

Just tell us what is important to you. Contrary to usual you don’t have to apply for jobs, but you can choose from the job offers of our preselected transport companies.

- Personalised truck driver jobs

- We count with you and you can count on us

- No delay in your salary

- Planable working periods

- 10 years experience

- Free liability and accident insurance


Frequently asked questions

Totally. We will not deduct from your salary.

With us you will get higher salary and you will get more attention than at the transport company

We choose our clients according to the requirement, they must keep the agreed working periods.

Yes. Please have a look at our offers or contact our office.

Yes, if we are working together for a month.

No. Your salary is always based on daily payment.

No. Our clients must always keep the driving and working hours. They are selected accordingly.

Depending on the position between: 3-10 days